Flowers Worth Writing About!

I have never liked roses, especially the red ones. I feel that they get extra attention and extra credit while there are hundreds of flowers whose name we don’t even remember or know at all.

When I visit a florist, I expect it to be so full of variety yet, there are artificially coloured sunflowers, red roses and green long leaves to adorn the bouquet with. What I am looking for are wild flowers, the small ones which comes in colour of white and yellow. And those floral sticks in purple shade. And I am looking for those three petaled flowers I saw once growing near a spring, long time ago on a vacation trip.

I wonder if the wild flowers ever mind us humans for being so stereotypical for choosing only the famous flowers to be used in a bouquet but then I think they must not mind us at all. After all, wild things are not for everyone. They are only for those who spot them, admire them and have the courage enough to have them in their collection.

So, I guess, one need to earn the wild flowers while anyone can buy these pretty amd tame flowers from the florist.


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