Book Review: The Forgotten Palace


Priyadarshini Mathur, a 23 year old management student, is a shy and timid girl who’s looking forward to her senior year in ACIM – a top MBA college. But Priya has a secret. Only her best friend knows that when she lost her grandmother on her eighteenth birthday, something weird had happened to her. Priya does not remember anything of six month phase right after her granny’s death, a period when she had lost contact with everyone. She also gets frequent nosebleeds and vague flashbacks of the time when she was missing.

Handsome and ambitious, Arnav Rathore is an entrepreneur and the winner of ‘Alum of the year’ award from ACIM. Arnav is surprised when he discovers that Priya is the girl his mother has chosen for him as his life partner. Having suffered heartbreak previously, a simple life with Priya is all he is looking for when he marries her.


Sheesh Mahal- The royal mansion has stood witness to centuries of life and death of the Rajvanshi kings and the fierce battles they have fought. However, unbeknownst to most, Sheesh Mahal is riddled with a terrifying crime. In the modern times, when the youngest of the Rajvanshis – Arnav Rathore is on a quest to renovate Sheesh Mahal into a five star resort, a devastating secret threatens to spill out and change his life forever.

A lonely Priya, now Arnav’s wife, starts spending most of her time in the grand library of Sheesh Mahal, learning about the rich history of her husband’s royal lineage. Her restlessness hits home when she comes across an unfinished portrait of one of Arnav’s infamous ancestors – Satya Narayan. As Arnav becomes increasingly consumed with work, Priya struggles with long suppressed memories that start coming to the fore.

Hurled back in time through unexplained forces, Priya finds herself driven to bringing justice to the prince who had been wronged and change the fate of the Rajvanshis while her own future hangs in the balance.

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A swoon worthy read with handsome male characters and gorgeous ladies, husky voices and pure Bollywood scenes.

It was a very clichéd experience to read this book. The handsome protagonists and gorgeous female protagonists were easy to love.
It was a bit confusing in the start with all the mix up of two worlds but as long as Priya inched towards solving the mystery of it, it became clear and clearer and soon the book was more interesting.
I won’t say much about the story line or I would end up filling my review with spoilers but I would say this, this is worth a shot!


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