A Fantasy!

I don’t like to talk about the time when we dined in a five star hotel or about the time when you took me to your yacht and we sailed through the sea like sailors and you talked about all the fishes you have ever caught there. No, I love to talk about these things but you know what I love most? What I love most are the little things you do to me every now and then.

I remember the time when I heard your voice for the first time and I stopped thinking and let my mind absorb that voice, that tone, that accent. I remember having my stomach flutter hearing your voice for the first time and I wanted to feel that again. It happened again and again, thanks to you.

You said those magical words to me, and trust me please when I say this, my heart flutters and butterflies give a swirl in my tummy everytime I hear you say them. I wanted to dance like a little girl everytime you held my hand when we are about to cross the road. I smiled silly when you sneak a wink at me at family gatherings. I blushed and try to hide it when you touched me passing  by in the crowd of family adults. I fall in love all over again with you when I look at you and find you looking at me already. 

I love to play footsie with you under the dining table, I love to sneak a kiss when you are very busy. I love so many things and they do so many things to me.

I forget my worries when you hug me, temporarily but they go away and all I try to do is absorb as much of you as I can during that hug.

I might never be able to tell you what you are for me in a word but please, allow me to do it in sentences, paragraphs, like this one.


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