I have discovered…

Have you had a friend who is depressed and loves to tell you about it? Loves to talk about his pains and misfortunes and how unfair this world is? Trust me, it gets addicting to talk about misfortunes and the unfairness of this world.

I have discovered that this world is full of chances and human being is pathetic. A depressed person, who loves to talk about daily misfortunes and unfairness of the world, can you imagine his reaction if suddenly he gets the chance to make everything right for himself? I can tell you my friend, but it won’t be a pleasant thing to learn this. He won’t take that chance. Not because he is tired or don’t trust in chances anymore. But he is afraid. He is afraid of winning. He is afraid of NOT being miserable. He is so used to complain about everything that he don’t know what he would do when he doesn’t have those certain things to complain about.

He is afraid to be happy, not because he is afraid it will hurt more to be unhappy after being happy but because he knows happy means not complaining. He is afraid to see his expectations getting fulfilled not because he is too tired to have new expectations but because he loves to rant how his expectations are same since such a long time.

So, you see? Human being is pathetic. It loves to be depressed, to be sad, to be ill, to be stressed, to be forced to do something he doesn’t love. Human beings love to be on the receiving end of pity because its their best excuse to themselves and to the world why are they not growing higher.

It is a safe zone to live in. To be having your breakfast and saying, I don’t taste my food anymore, I don’t know what is wrong with me and have everyone around you give those sympathetic nod or just look and how lower are we humans to just admit our depression to get a round of sympathy and no more.

But is it really depression that one is going through when one is also afraid to look into future and is afraid to see happiness even there? Is it depression when one ENJOYS and CRAVES the sadness and unfairness the world has to offer?

I think this is something else. This is something much more serious than depression and hope is not the answer to it and that’s what makes it so serisous.


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