I have discovered…

Have you had a friend who is depressed and loves to tell you about it? Loves to talk about his pains and misfortunes and how unfair this world is? Trust me, it gets addicting to talk about misfortunes and the unfairness of this world. I have discovered that this world is full of chances and... Continue Reading →

A clichéd piece of writing

The pop of making popcorn at 2 am, starting the gossiping that would go on till sunrise. And then sleepy eyes and a head ache to carry for the rest of the day. Trying the different flavours of ice cream at the side of the road and asking each other the most random questions ever.... Continue Reading →

A Fantasy!

I don't like to talk about the time when we dined in a five star hotel or about the time when you took me to your yacht and we sailed through the sea like sailors and you talked about all the fishes you have ever caught there. No, I love to talk about these things... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Forgotten Palace

Blurb: SOMETIMES TO MOVE FORWARD YOU FIRST HAVE TO GO BACK...Priyadarshini Mathur, a 23 year old management student, is a shy and timid girl who's looking forward to her senior year in ACIM - a top MBA college. But Priya has a secret. Only her best friend knows that when she lost her grandmother on... Continue Reading →

On My Way I Saw…

They say, everyone has a story. I agree, but not all are worth writing about. Not all are worth wondering about and not everyone can write them down and make them wonderful. But then there are writers. They see people, assume stories about them and wonder. And there is no harm in wondering, I guess,... Continue Reading →

Flowers Worth Writing About!

I have never liked roses, especially the red ones. I feel that they get extra attention and extra credit while there are hundreds of flowers whose name we don't even remember or know at all. When I visit a florist, I expect it to be so full of variety yet, there are artificially coloured sunflowers,... Continue Reading →

My Magical Vision!

I hate my phone camera! It never capturs what I intend to capture with it. It is always a bit too late. It never shares the magic I see. It is always focusing on the mundane things while I am trying to get it to see magic. It gets the light wrong and never gets... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Pink Beagle

BLURB: How do you decide when to enter into a global business and whom to seek advice for the correct strategy? What all factors will you consider when you enter any new market outside your home country or whose opinion will you seek in case you are new in the export-import business? Do you base... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time, I thought I would love to die rather than live this miserable life. But then I was clinging to bits and pieces of life. I would not want to leave my diary behind and I wasn't ready to burn it or throw it away either. I would still hope of having... Continue Reading →

The Sky!

The sky is moody these days and sometimes I can't help but think, if a woman talks to the sky, it would understand her better than any man because they both go through mood swings at that level. So, the sky is moody these days. It is sometimes so bright that it hurt the eyes... Continue Reading →

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