Book Review: The Pink Beagle

BLURB: How do you decide when to enter into a global business and whom to seek advice for the correct strategy? What all factors will you consider when you enter any new market outside your home country or whose opinion will you seek in case you are new in the export-import business? Do you base... Continue Reading →

Review: Beginning of Motherhood

Pregnancy is a phase where mothers have an opportunity to free themselves from any chronic disease because the body is in a state of overhaul and presents the best of its strength. Blurb: This book provides a unique opportunity to expecting women to gain information from the perspective of a parent as well as a... Continue Reading →

Review: The Part I Left With You.

‘Of course I am unhappy, almost every creative person is. They are always unsettled with the things around them. That is why they are pushed to create new things as an escape from or as a response to reality. If they were happy with the world around them, they would never feel the urge to... Continue Reading →

Review: Villains Never Die

"In this world, the lines of good and evil are not so stark. Here, heroes may never be forgotten, but villains never die." Villains Never Die by Nick DeWolf Name: Villains Never Die Genre: Thriller, Scifi Publication Date: 22nd January, 2019 Publication House: Vintage City Publishing Source: Author It started when the warehouse exploded. But... Continue Reading →

For the love of poetry!

From the theme of love: I do not want someone who sees my smile, but someone to fall in love with my tears From the theme of life: The truth, my love, is simple To you, It's about being better than somebody For me, it's about being better than me From the theme of relationship:... Continue Reading →

The ingredients are: cliches and thrill

The sound of vehicles, boys playing cricket, chattering girls returning from school, his voice, his strong and caring touch - all are mixing up, flowing through her veins and nerves, making her happy, sad, nauseous all at the same time. She wants to go somewhere far, far away.......from this chaotic thoughts, her messed up life... Continue Reading →

Six victims, none innocent

"...hasn't business been affected after the Cafe Mehboob murder case......." "Yes, business was affected for a couple of days but you know how short people's memories in Mumbai are. In a city where your life is neatly divided into local train travel and a routine job, who has the time for anything else?" Mehboob Murder... Continue Reading →

Funny-but-shouldn’t-have-been book

I don't know what to think of this books exactly. I liked and I don't liked it so its a hard to write a review for such one. But I tried so here is something: Genre: Dark Humor/ Sci-Fi Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐   Links: •Amazon•Goodreads• Source: Author Format: eBook Synopsis (as on Goodreads) How twisted do you like your fairy tales?... Continue Reading →

Review of a short story

377 by Yogesh Pandey Genre: Thriller/LGBT Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Links: •Amazon•Goodreads• Source: Author Synopsis: Outlining the desperation of a sixteen year old girl and the love of an outcast lesbian for her, the story revolves around how our society might aggressively react to their affair. The author, Yogesh, takes us on tour of the dispute regarding the acceptance of... Continue Reading →

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