Book Review: The Forgotten Palace

Blurb: SOMETIMES TO MOVE FORWARD YOU FIRST HAVE TO GO BACK...Priyadarshini Mathur, a 23 year old management student, is a shy and timid girl who's looking forward to her senior year in ACIM - a top MBA college. But Priya has a secret. Only her best friend knows that when she lost her grandmother on... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Pink Beagle

BLURB: How do you decide when to enter into a global business and whom to seek advice for the correct strategy? What all factors will you consider when you enter any new market outside your home country or whose opinion will you seek in case you are new in the export-import business? Do you base... Continue Reading →

Review: Blood & Brown Sugar

Motorcycles, guns, heroin. These things were not a part of Alex Crossman’s life. He was a simple young man, leading a peaceful, mundane existence. Right up to the moment he accidentally injures a member of Montreal’s most nefarious motorcycle club, the Chevaux de Fer. As recompense, Alex is forced to travel to India and escort... Continue Reading →

Review: Villains Never Die

"In this world, the lines of good and evil are not so stark. Here, heroes may never be forgotten, but villains never die." Villains Never Die by Nick DeWolf Name: Villains Never Die Genre: Thriller, Scifi Publication Date: 22nd January, 2019 Publication House: Vintage City Publishing Source: Author It started when the warehouse exploded. But... Continue Reading →

Six victims, none innocent

"...hasn't business been affected after the Cafe Mehboob murder case......." "Yes, business was affected for a couple of days but you know how short people's memories in Mumbai are. In a city where your life is neatly divided into local train travel and a routine job, who has the time for anything else?" Mehboob Murder... Continue Reading →

Review of a short story

377 by Yogesh Pandey Genre: Thriller/LGBT Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Links: •Amazon•Goodreads• Source: Author Synopsis: Outlining the desperation of a sixteen year old girl and the love of an outcast lesbian for her, the story revolves around how our society might aggressively react to their affair. The author, Yogesh, takes us on tour of the dispute regarding the acceptance of... Continue Reading →

The concept behind is thoughtful

The Killings in November by Rajesh Talwar Genre: Thriller/ Play Ratings: ⭐⭐ Links: •Amazon•Goodreads• Summary: A killer is on the loose in New Delhi. He is no ordinary killer, and for the past few years, for some unaccountable reason, goes on a relentless killing spree, with murders mounting each day, particularly in the month of November.... Continue Reading →

The end is not always the happy one.

Kash Kashmir.....(if only Kashmir) by Rajesh Talwar Genre: Romance, Thriller, Historical Fiction Ratings: ⭐⭐ Links: •Amazon•Goodreads• Synopsis: The play opens with a scene in a garden opposite a large double-storey house in which a young teenage boy of school going years confesses his love to a young girl. The boy, Rohan, is a Kashmiri Hindu and the... Continue Reading →

Book review: Captain Elephant

Remember, you won't know what you're capable of unless you try. Captain Elephant: the mystery of the bomb by Aseem Mahajan Genre: Fiction/Thriller Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐ Publication date: September 13th, 2018 Publication house: Petals Publishers Links: •Goodreads•Amazon• Source: Author Summary: Mayas Tondlulu is born with a medical condition due to which his parents are extra careful with him. Mayas is precious and... Continue Reading →

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