A Fantasy!

I don't like to talk about the time when we dined in a five star hotel or about the time when you took me to your yacht and we sailed through the sea like sailors and you talked about all the fishes you have ever caught there. No, I love to talk about these things... Continue Reading →


She didn’t know why she was named Hope, but she never asked, she was happy with her name. So much happy that she carried it like a title, like a queen carries her crown. And when her friends would ask her jokingly, “Hope of whom?” she would smile and say, “I am my own hope.”... Continue Reading →


She was not really pretty but there was a dreamy look in her eyes as those eyes can see things people normally cannot, and that’s where he was trying to look, into those deep black eyes when she suddenly looked up. “What?”, she asked “Nothing”, he said a way too quickly, he definitely was not... Continue Reading →

“Do You Have A Scale For Fear?”

"Do you have a scale for fear?", she asked after a long fifteen minutes of silence. He was, though, glad to hear her talking, also got confused with the question. "What kind of fear?", he asked after choosing his question carefully. "Any fear. The fear of self in this case.",she was looking at the distant... Continue Reading →

The Game of Emotions.

"What's wrong?" he said, after about half an hour silence he thought he better ask or the silence will continue. "It's hard to put into words", she whispered after a minute. They were sitting on that usual rock, their happy place, watching the city from up too high. "I think you should try, you are... Continue Reading →

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