Book review: Love in the Time of Camera

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Love in the Time of Camera by Mubashir Karim

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Publication date: 2 July, 2018
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Love, longing and loss unfold the language of desire. From playful to erotic, whimsical to romantic, from conspicuous to subtle and togetherness to separation, the poems both confront and celebrate the inexplicability of love.
Kashmir with its exquisite beauty and ceaseless chaos has shaped the poems with undying hope. In an environment of resistance and accelerating violence, these tiny poems are recognition of love, in its purest form.

I am not big fan of poetry (even when I write myself) but this book is just awesome. I love the way the poet have written the poems, the choice of words: they are new and so much full of feeling, meaning and depth that I found myself expressing myself out loud. The jaw hanging lines, the laugh and the thinking they gave me and the depth, oh my the the depth of those poems is like that the reader can find ten meaning of single poem.

The book mostly have romantic poems yet the poet have talked about freedom, terrorism old good times through them as well. I love the observation he have and the way he relates every other thing with love. It is hard to choose which one i love most from the collection that’s why here are some:

The one about love and madness to have more:

In Love
Trivial mistakes,
Ordinary lies
Are deliberate attempts
To be loved more.

When she asked
“Don’t you know how much I love you?”

I plainly said

And sometimes the way he have taunt the lover is just oh my:

“Frankly speaking, Mubashir”
She said
“I think
Your poetry has lost the charm

That grace which it once possessed.”

I smiled and replied
“Shouldn’t we meet often then?”

And the way he wrote about one single feeling, the choice of words and so indirect:

They pronounce
“Has a meaning”

The question
Which moots
How much meaning can one endure????

The one thing i most love was that the poet was not heart broken all the time, he let his lover tease him, sometimes he complained and above all he relate the surrounding with love which was mesmerizing.

Have you read this book? What do you think?

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