About hurts and happiness.

What gives you happiness and what hurts you?

I don’t remember which birthday it was but I have this memory of my brother climbing down his bicycle, and trying to hide a book inside his shirt and I caught him. And laughing, he gave me my gift. That was happiness. My brother remembering what I like, bringing it to me, making an effort to surprise me, that’s what made me happy.
My sister coming home after many days with her husband and asking where I am makes me happy, my mother keeping my favourite dish saved for me makes me happy, my father proudly talking about me makes me happy, my brother giving me a waves and smile makes me feel so damn special that I something cry thinking about these things. It’s so silly and easy for me to be happy but then there comes the sad part it is as easy and simple to hurt me.
Pick a person whom I care about and make him/her give me a frown, it disturbs me. I will try to know the reason and their silence will hurt me. I will push them to tell me what’s wrong and their silence will cut through my heart. I will keep pushing to know the matter and they will say just once, ‘leave it, will you?’ And that will kill me.
Loved ones the best villain of our lives, they control our emotions in both the good and bad ways, they can put me in paradise and they put me in hell. Isn’t it amazing how one single person is so much responsible for our happiness and sadness alone?

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