Letter #1

A couple of months ago I published some diary entries which I hope you people enjoyed. In a club meeting in my college, I was hit by this inspiration of writing letters to someone from someone: open letters and maybe not to a person, to……for here, life? I think if life ever shows itself in a person, we might spend years talking to it: thanking, complaining and God knows what. So I wrote this letter where a girl is mostly complaining to the life for being rude and untrustworthy and……well, see for yourself and don’t forget to tell me what you think of it.

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Dear Life,
I used to love you and felt your love in return too. I don’t know what changed you so much but I know this: you turned your back on me. For a long time I tried to get you turn towards me, to get your attention and you did turned to me but not as before, not lovely and kind and beautiful. I don’t know what it was that switched your love off. I cannot say that you deserted me because you never left me alone for if you had I’d have been shaking hands with death and now as I think about it, it would have been better than what you have to offer.

I don’t understand that how you can be so horrible with me when you’re the one who understands me most. I used to rejoice on the fact that you know me, understand my dreams and desires but not anymore for now you’re an enemy and the world knows how enemies have used understandings as weapon and you’re no different. You used my secrets, my dreams to hurt me in the worst way you can, you’ve hurt me, bruised me and almost killed me with you brutality but how can one be killed from the hands of the life, so I live until you leave me alone. So, I beg you to stop, to leave me alone. If you cannot love me, you don’t need to be with me either. Even if it means I have to go with death, I agree for I cannot fight something which uses my strengths against me. Using my strengths against me? Dear furious life, only you’re able to such a thing. So, I hope for the impossible that you’ll listen to me and leave me alone.

Truly Tired

Hopefully, more letters in future……..

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