The concept behind is thoughtful

The Killings in November by Rajesh Talwar

Genre: Thriller/ Play
Ratings: ⭐⭐
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A killer is on the loose in New Delhi. He is no ordinary killer, and for the past few years, for some unaccountable reason, goes on a relentless killing spree, with murders mounting each day, particularly in the month of November. Always elegantly dressed in a grey suit and a red tie, he is a stylish, soft-spoken man, who appears to be fond of Western music. He carries a guitar with him and performs to an often unwilling audience. On occasions he has been spotted by witnesses inside a steel grey Mercedes near the site of a killing. The killer is merciless. No one is spared it seems, be it a pregnant mother, a young boy, an elderly man or even a baby.
The Delhi Police are at their wits end and seek outside help. India’s leading detective, Col Ranjeet teams up with the famous Herlock Holms to try and crack this case. It is the biggest case that has come to either the Colonel or Holms in each detective’s illustrious career. Will they catch this elusive killer, or will he catch them? This is a heart-rending tale of life – and death – as it exists in one of Asia’s most important capital cities.
No spoilers here, the story will keep readers guessing till much the play is over, when slowly all is revealed. The play ends with a shattering climax.


My Words:
The plat starts with the meeting where the world’s best detectives sit and discuss the killer who is threatening the city for a couple of years now and is still on loose. In the start the book gives the style of thriller but alter turns out to be focusing on the pollution problem of the capital: Delhi.

The concept behind the play is brilliant and as the book progressed the reader understands the concept but the sudden turn from thriller to environmental issues can be noted and could not be understood until the few chapters in, this makes the book look off course and dull.

The writing style was another thing that made the book dull and boring at times. The dialogues were many times, unnecessarily long and out of the scene. There were many things that I’d have liked to remove and add in the play.

The creation of the scenes sometimes was really inappropriate and as if, need more research as in: the people just enter the office of the world renowned environmentalist’s with a knock? Someone needs to fit a reception area in their office.

All in all the book was dull until the last few chapters where the killings starts to make sense.

What do you think about the growing pollution? Would you like to read such a book talking about the environmental issues?

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