A clichéd piece of writing

The pop of making popcorn at 2 am, starting the gossiping that would go on till sunrise. And then sleepy eyes and a head ache to carry for the rest of the day.

Trying the different flavours of ice cream at the side of the road and asking each other the most random questions ever. Having a laugh, an argument and even a fight over them.

Making a new drink together and serving it in fancy glasses. Clinking the glasses and then making faces because something went terribly wrong with the recipe.

Putting a new decor together, climbing up, dusting off the area and having a discussion on angles and sizes.

Having a dinner from the roadside stalls. Trying new and weird things, rating them like food bloggers and then having a lemon drink to help the digestive system.

Waking up the other self in the middle of the night, because one of us just remembered something which need to be discussed right then or it would be forgotten by the morning.

Dressing up, clicking clichéd pics, trying trends, making reels, shorts and even Tik Tok videos and never posting them amd just keeping them to ourselves.

There are more and many and I will tell you if you ask but can we just start with these. These little things!


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