For the love of poetry!

From the theme of love:
I do not want someone who sees my smile,
but someone to fall in love with my tears

From the theme of life:
The truth, my love,
is simple
To you,
It’s about being better than somebody
For me,
it’s about
being better than me

From the theme of relationship:
What disturbed me was not our gap,
it was your silence that was churning my soul

#TrueBeing by Sagar Datta

Name: #TrueBeing
Genre: Poetry
Ratings: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Amazon, Goodreads
Publication date: January 9, 2019
Publication: Notion Press
Source: Author

The book has three different themes sorted by the types of poems written. The first theme is of love: my favourite. The poems are not just about heartbreaks and crazy for each other but also cover the smaller difficulties of loving someone. Also, some poems were like a message to people who love and care but don’t get same in return. All the poems are amazingly written and are easy to understand. Moreover, the poet has also added a discussion after every poem to understand the poems better. I like this idea of discussion and also didn’t like it. These discussions can help the reader understand the idea of the poet behind every poem but it also closes the door of ‘probabilities’. See, the magic of a poem is that it speaks differently to different people, after reading the discussion, a reader won’t analyse much and think only what the poet wants the reader to think.

The life theme is though nicely written sketches quite common topics of being unique, I love my life, Different is good and alike. The motivation in the poems is sweet and influential.

The theme of relationship is quite like the love one with betrayal and feelings but also about family and people we just have some kind of connection with.

My choice from the book was usually the short poems. The poet was sarcastic in those and to the point. The poet is usually bold and wasn’t afraid to say what’s on mind; daring, sarcastic, to the point, beautiful choice of words yet easy were few traits of the poems.


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