I wonder the amount of research this book asked.

If we have a snake inside the house, it;s prudent to kill it and burn it rather than burning the whole house.” Curling his lips to a wry smile, Kuldeep told, “And remember, it’s not the house that let the snake in, it’s our negligence that it slipped inside.”…..
My opinion: this quote pretty much tells a good deal about the book.

The Sun Shines Down by Sankha Ghosh

Genre: Thriller and Mystery
Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

Links: •AmazonGoodreadsSource: Author
Publishers: Hawakal Publishers
Format: Paperback

Shreya Basu is a kind of politician India has hardly ever witnessed and that too from a political party which has been suffering from an existential crisis for last few years. With an impeccable beauty and excellent oratory skill, Shreya Basu’s shot to fame is no less than a fairy tale. But now she wishes to contest election with a powerful incumbent government at their own bastion. But little did she know about the dirty inlands of this murky game of politics. And in this, topsy turvy ride to power, she come across the enigmatic Hector Fernandez. Obscured by thousands of unanswered question, Hector is haunted by the ghosts of his pasts. And, to them to rest, he wants one single thing. Vengeance. And, when Shreya’s seamless ambition to acquire power meets Hector’s hate filled stigma of retribution, it wreaks war.

Unmasking the gloomy secrets all the way from the manipulative political lobbyists to leaden secrets of media mafia from the shady by lanes of Mumbai to the precarious lands of Balochistan – the duo challenges the power barons in inviting the threat they barely anticipated to come their way. But even the duo’s infallible tactics may not be enough to save their goals, or themselves, from succumbing to their nemesis.

What do you think of those books which give you the end in the very starting and then make everything in flashbacks, ending the book with the lines that were offered in the first or second chapter? I love such books. They make me be like ‘I know now’ in the very end and that is my new favourite style. Sankha Ghosh, the author of today’s book, painted in beautifully.

In the start I had some prediction and they did come true but in so different way that I think it won’t be right if I say that the book is predictable. The twists and turns, the way the characters are drawn together, the change in the characters with time and human psychology is beautifully written that I surely am picking next books by the author.

The book discusses the hot topic and shows the inside of politics, I never have seen before. The corruption, terrorism, role of politics, foreign relations…oh it was mind blowing. The book was fast and on point from the very start and made smile and cry with its simplest sentences. Though the words were not very different or uncommon, they were put in such a way that they made writing effective and reading interesting.

The book was mind catching for most of the time and the plot getting thicker till the very end.

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